Our Company Motto Is – P.A.C.K.

  • Passion
  • Action
  • Customer Care
  • Knowledge

We are a group of passionate individuals who came together by fate. It is our goal to service our customers as best we know how while fulfilling our own personal goals and continuing on the path of lifelong learning.

I am a Jill of all trades, a photographer, entrepreneur and a traveler. I take care of purchasing and vendor relations. I spend a lot of time learning about new technologies as the world is shifting from analog to all things digital. It’s now much easier for artists to cross over into another media. My new fascinations are with microphones and recorders. I think and explain sound equipment with regular references to photography.

I am a graphic web designer. I learned that I love technology at a young age and push myself every day to learn some new skill or develop my technological portfolio. I will be happy to explain why your speakers and mixers work the way they do. I AM THE TECHNICIAN

My interest in electronics began in computers. Went to school for electrical engineering rotated toward media, speaker systems, signal processing. Worked for home theater installation crew, and I dabble in homebrew amps, radios, and mixing.

I attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, and also was employed with Studio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R) of Las Vegas for over 5 years! I am the Live Sound guy. I can assist you with setting up backlines for live performances. I enjoy playing a range of instruments, but feel most comfortable in the rhythm section! I AM THE ROCKSTAR

My name is Tyler, i was born and raised in Las Vegas. I'm a free spirit with a passion for art and music. I like to play the guitar and sing in my spare time much to my neighbor’s dismay. I work hard, I play hard, and I love life. I handle all logistics and YOUR packages, making sure they are packed with care