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Radial Engineering HDI DI Box with Color Control & Opto Compressor
Radial Engineering HDI DI Box with Color Control & Opto Compressor

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The Radial Engineering HDI is a direct box designed to give you the colorful tone you want as quickly as possible. Use it on passive or active electric basses, electric guitars, or any mono instrument you wish to inject directly into the mixing console or house PA.

  • Hi-Z Control - The Hi-Z switch adjusts the input impedance at the 1/4" inputs for different tonal options when using instruments with passive pickups or piezo transducers. The lower position is 200 Kilohms and the higher position is 2 Megohms.
  • Opto Compressor - This 3-position switch controls an internal opto compressor circuit, providing smooth and natural dynamic control when the Color knob is set to the clean channel (7 to 12 o'clock range). The Opto LED will illuminate to indicate when gain reduction is being applied.
  • Color Knob - This control blends between an ultraclean DI channel (when turned fully counter-clockwise) and a unique distortion channel that adds transformer saturation and amp-like distortion as this control is turned clockwise. The Color control is also dependent on the Level control, which in this case can be viewed as a 'drive' control. There is an interesting and often useful range of colors depending on how high the Level control is turned up. Even with the Level control set quite low, the Color circuit still brings in some magic, albeit subtler.
  • High-Pass Filter - A 3-position switch rolls off low frequencies to compensate for additional low-end content when applying distortion via the Color control. Note that this switch only affects signal that has been processed through the distortion channel of the Color control; the HPF does not affect the clean side of the HDI.
  • Presence Control - This adds emphasis to the high and high-mid frequencies. Fully counter-clockwise is flat; turn this control clockwise for an increasingly brighter sound.