Ampeg SGT-DI All-In-One Bass Box - Preamp and DI


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SGT-DI is The All-In-One Bass Box. It's our new preamp and DI that features an onboard compressor, an enhanced Super Grit Technology overdrive circuit with SVT and B15 voices, a 3-band EQ with a sweepable Mid control, and an IR Loader/Cab Simulator.

  • Experience a complete rig in a single stompbox with the SGT-DI preamp and DI, offering modern bassists enhanced Super Grit Technology overdrive circuit with iconic Ampeg SVT and B15 voices.
  • Fine-tune your sound with a versatile 3-band EQ featuring a sweepable Mid circuit, giving you precise control over your bass's tone.
  • Utilize the Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches for additional shaping of your sound, catering to different playing styles and musical genres.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an onboard IR Loader/Cab Simulator, providing access to three classic factory cabs and the ability to use up to three custom cabs through the free Ampeg IR Loader application.
  • Achieve consistent dynamics and control with a variable 10:1 compressor, ensuring your bass lines remain tight and punchy in any performance situation.