AxcessAbles Universal Microphone Spider Shock Mount with 4 Adapters. Spider Recording Mic Shockmount compatible with Rode NT1-A NT2-A Procaster AT2020 AT2020USB MXL990 770 R77 U87


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The AxcessAbles AXCMSM-BK Microphone Shock Mount is a universal vibration dampening microphone mounting system that helps isolate your recording mic from most unwanted sources of vibration which affects the integrity of your recording, broadcasting, or podcasting, and helps you get the professional results that you want. The AXCMSM-BK shock mount comes equipped with two (2) thread specifications- 3/8" (European) and 5/8" (North American) for mounting to your mic stand of choice, and four (4) solid metal adapters that make it compatible with many popular model studio mics.

  • Designed for mounting professional recording condenser microphones for the purpose of isolating and minimizing handling vibrations and noises.
  • AxcessAbles MSM-BK is made of steel alloy and can hold condenser microphones up to 2.75 inches in diameter and 4lbs in weight. MSM-BK can be mounted to 3/8” and 5/8” threaded recording microphone boom stands.
  • Minimize the need to purchase expensive brand-specific shock mounts. The package includes 4 center adapters (20mm, 22mm short base, 22mm long base, 25mm). The adapters are compatible with the following brands and series of condenser microphones: 20mm – for Rode Microphones including but not limited to NT1-A, NT2-A, NT-1Kit, Procaster, Podcaster, NTK, NT1000, NT2000/K2).
  • 22mm short base adapter is compatible with Audio-Technica (AT2020,AT2020USB), AKG (P120,P220,P420), Blue (Bluebird L, Baby Bottle SL, Spark SL.) 22MM long base adapter is compatible with MLX (770,990,R77,V67VG) Samson (C01, C03, C01U, C03U, CL7, CL8). 25MM is Compatible with Neumann U87.
  • This shock mount is NOT COMPATIBLE with : 1. handheld live sound microphones or karaoke microphones. 2. This shock mount is also NOT COMPATIBLE with most USB Microphones. Please note that most USB microphones in the market work right out the box with your PC. NOT COMPATIBLE with Blue Yeti, Yeti NANO, Blue Snowball.

Download MSM-BK Manual PDF