AxcessAbles SF-101KIT Recording Studio Microphone 32.5"Wx13"H (422sq inch) Half Dome Isolation Shield with 6" Pop Filter. Compatible w/Blue Yeti, AT2020, Rode


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AxcessAbles SF-101 Recording Studio Microphone Isolation Shield Redirects the Internal Sound Energy Away from the Microphone for the best quality recording. The SF-101 gets maximum sound isolation by blocking reflected sounds from the recording environment to the microphone. Easily mounts to most microphone stands and has flexibility to adjust the microphone proximity.

  • SF-101 Isolation shield is made of 5 panels of 2 -inch isolation foams (6.5โ€ wide x 13โ€ height per panel for a total of 422 square-inch coverage ) forming a perfect half dome. The outer two panels adjustable/folding on hinged joints to fully open or fully close, and every position in-between for your customized requirements.
  • The AxcessAbles SF-101 Recording Studio Microphone Isolation Shield features high-density sound dampening acoustic foam which results in superior recordings.
  • Metal KNOBS for desktop use.
  • Compatible with AxcessAbles SF-TRIPOD for stand mounting.

Download SF-101 Manual PDF