AxcessAbles SF-101KITW Recording Studio Microphone Isolation Shield With Stand (White) - Open Box


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AxcessAbles SF-101 Recording Studio Microphone Isolation Shield Redirects the Internal Sound Energy Away from the Microphone for the best quality recording. The SF-101 gets maximum sound isolation by blocking reflected sounds from the recording environment to the microphone. Easily mounts to most heavy speaker stands and has flexibility to adjust the microphone proximity.

  • Professional Grade Mic Isolation shield with stand, SF-101KIT is a heavy duty piece you want in your music recording studio. The half-dome shaped vocal sound booth is 20 inches in diameter and 180-degree coverage. The large dome provides proper sound isolation for a clean recording. Many of the shields in the market do not provide the needed coverage for singing or vocal isolation thus creating muddy recordings.
  • High Quality Reflective Filter and Absorbing Layers. The inner layer is made of 2-inch high-density acoustic foam. The acoustic foam helps in reducing ambient sound. The sound booth comes with an adjustable microphone holding bracket and 2 screw thread sizes. You can adjust your recording microphone's distance from the foam for different sound effects. Further away, you achieve an "airy" sounding recording. Closed-Back design.
  • STURDY ONE-Piece Stand for Adult Height. Our tripod stand is super sturdy and is cast in one piece with adjustable heights of 4ft to 6ft6". It works right out the box as a tripod stand should. With adjustable heights, it is perfect for a child as well as a very tall person. Some stands on Amazon, have pieces that are wobbly because the stands are packed in multiple pieces and are less than 4ft tall.
  • Our Isolation Shield booth is designed for both desktop use and stand mount. Our Isolation shield booth has 3 rubber feet. You can rest the dome on your desk and use it as a a mini-podcast sound booth. The closed-back sound booth absorbs more "environmental noise" and has a "closed room" recording effect. Clean white finish for matching your studio, interior motif, or high tech environment.
  • This recording isolation shield package also comes with a full-size microphone pop filter. The pop filter is a dual layered wind pop screen with flexible 360° gooseneck clip stabilizing arm. A pop filter reduces hissing and lisping in your voice and protects your expensive mic from moisture.

Download SF-101Kit Manual PDF