AxcessAbles 1/8 Stereo Male Mini-Jack Male to Dual Male RCA Audio Cable - 10ft (5-Pack)| 1/8 TRS to Dual RCA Y Cable | 3.5mm Stereo Mini-Jack Male to 2 RCA | AxcessAbles TRS18-DRCA110-10ft (5-Pack)


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AxcessAbles TRS18-DRCA110 is a 10ft cable with Stereo 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS male to Dual RCA male connectors. This cable is designed to connect any device with a 3.5mm output to a stereo system. It is commonly used to connect an iPhone, iPad, laptop or any portable medial player to consumer audio/video system.

  • Wide Compatibility - for connecting your devices with 3.5mm output to stereo RCA devices such as mp3 player to bookshelf monitors, smartphone to mixers or dj controllers.
  • Enjoy pure music with high fidelity using AxecessAbles Audio Cables which are made of environmentally-friendly materials proven to be safe, sustainable, and reliable.
  • Flawless Signal Transmission - Simply plug your device from the 1/8th Inch mini jack into your devices and with the RCA connections and ensure steady sound quality.
  • Worry less with AxcessAbles sturdy Multi-layer Shielded Cable (10FT) that is made of cotton, copper shield (6mm), and a Soft Neoprene Jacket that transmits the sound signal with minimal signal loss.
  • Strain Relief Molded Connector Head - Prevent excessive strain on the cable that could potentially damage the electrical connections. They are to be routed in a secure, easy, and cost-effective way.