Behringer 904B Legendary Analog High Pass VCF Module for Eurorack - 2 Pack


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The Behringer 904B is a powerful and versatile module for modular synthesizers that can help shape the tone of sounds in a wide range of musical contexts. Its classic Moog ladder filter design is widely regarded as one of the most iconic filter designs in electronic music history.


  • Voltage-controlled 4-pole low-pass filter
  • Emulates the classic Moog ladder filter design
  • Cutoff frequency can be controlled by external control voltage (CV)
  • Resonance control with adjustable intensity and self-oscillation capabilities
  • Multiple filter outputs with different levels and phase relationships
  • Compatible with Eurorack modular synthesizer systems
  • 16 HP (horizontal pitch) size
  • Can be powered by +12V and -12V power supplies
  • High-quality components and construction for reliable performance