DiMarzio DP224 Andy Timmons AT1 Guitar Pickup

DiMarzio DP224 Andy Timmons AT1 Guitar Pickup


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he AT1 represents the tone, balance, warmth, and harmonic resonance that skilled players like Andy Timmons have come to expect from Dimarzio.

The outstanding characteristics of the DiMarzio Andy Timmons AT1 guitar pickup are balance, warmth, and clarity. It achieves this blend with the same patented technology as the PAF(R) 36th Anniversary, but the sound is hotter and the focus is rock. "A player's player" is a perfect description for Andy Timmons. He has great touch, phrasing, and tone. Since 2001, he has been playing a DiMarzio custom bridge humbucker that has only been available on his signature Ibanez guitar, and it has been his first-line pickup ever since.

The DiMarzio AT-1 was originally designed for a 25 scale, mahogany-body guitar, but it adapts very well to other instruments. It has enough bass and mids to warm up brighter guitars, and enough clarity for 24 scale set-necks as well.


Wiring: 4 Conductor
- Magnet: Alnico 5
- Output mV: 320
- DC Resistance: 16.50 Kohm