Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 Scratch-style 2-channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite (Black) with AxcessAbles Stereo Headphones and eStudioStar Polishing Cloth


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 The DDJ-REV1 matches perfectly with the free Serato DJ Lite software, boasting a brand-new battle-style layout that’s easy to use and perfect for playing like a pro. The design of this 2-channel DJ controller emulates a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup, including specialized features for open-format and scratch DJs.


  • Dual Channel Control: The controller has 2 channels, allowing you to mix and control audio from two different sources simultaneously.
  • Four Deck Control: The controller has 4 decks or virtual decks, providing versatile options for mixing and controlling up to 4 audio sources.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The controller has a frequency range of 20 - 20000 Hz, ensuring accurate and clear audio reproduction across a wide spectrum of frequencies.
  • High-Quality Soundcard: The controller features a built-in soundcard with a 24 bit/48 kHz resolution, providing high-quality audio output for professional sound performance.
  • Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio: The controller has a signal-to-noise ratio of 103 dB, indicating minimal background noise and clear audio output for optimal sound quality.


  • 1 Microphone Input: The controller has 1 MIC input with a 1/4 inch TS Jack, allowing you to connect a microphone for voiceovers, announcements, or vocal performances. 
  • 1 Master Output: The controller has 1 MASTER output with RCA connectors, providing a main output for connecting to external sound systems or speakers.
  • 1 Headphone Output: The controller has 1 PHONES output with a 3.5-mm stereo mini jack, allowing you to monitor your mix with headphones for precise cueing and mixing.

 Accessories Included:

  • AxcessAbles SH-49 Headphones
  • eStudioStar Polishing Cloth