Pioneer DJ RBVS1 DVS Control Vinyl for Rekordbox DJ Black


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Pioneer RB-VS1 DVS Control Vinyl for Rekordbox DJ (Black) The rekordbox Control Vinyl works hand-in-hand with rekordbox dj and the DVS Plus Pack to give you a smooth, low latency scratching experience with excellent sound quality. The lightweight Control Vinyl is highly responsive and will work will all Pioneer DJ DVS compatible mixers and controllers. The RB-VS1-K rekordbox Control Vinyl is sold individually.

  • Digital Vinyl System (DVS) Control: The Pioneer DJ RBVS1 Control Vinyl is designed for use with DVS systems, such as the rekordbox DVS, allowing DJs to control digital audio files using traditional vinyl-style techniques like scratching, cueing, and mixing.
  • High-Quality Construction: The RBVS1 Control Vinyl is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, with a smooth and responsive surface that provides excellent tracking for accurate and precise control.
  • Timecode Signals: The Control Vinyl features timecode signals embedded in the vinyl, which are read by the DVS system to provide accurate tracking and control over digital audio playback, allowing DJs to manipulate music with precision.
  • Compatible with Pioneer DJ Hardware and Software: The RBVS1 Control Vinyl is designed to work seamlessly with Pioneer DJ hardware and software, ensuring reliable and consistent performance when used with compatible Pioneer DJ setups.
  • Authentic Vinyl Feel: The RBVS1 Control Vinyl is designed to replicate the tactile feel of traditional vinyl records, providing DJs with a familiar and authentic experience while using digital audio files, making it a popular choice among vinyl enthusiasts who want to incorporate digital music into their DJ setups.