Radial TWIN CITY Engineering Twin-City AB/Y Amp Switcher Pedal


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The Twin-City AB/Y Amp Switcher Pedal from Radial Engineering is an active switcher that enables you to connect 2 amps and switch between them or drive them both simultaneously without degrading your natural guitar tone in any way. The Twin-City buffer lowers the output impedance and susceptibility to interference, thereby allowing you to drive long cables without tone loss or noise. Drag Control is a recessed, set-and-forget control that lets you compensate for cable signal loss and introduce the appropriate load to replicate the way your guitar's pickups naturally interact with your amp. Advanced Electronic Impulse Switching (EIS) is 100% noiseless and free from popping noises produced by mechanical switches.

To eliminate ground loops that cause hum and buzz the Twin-City is equipped with an isolation transformer on OUT-B. This output is further augmented with a ground lift switch and 180º polarity reverse switch that ensures both amplifiers play in phase, while noise is reduced to an absolute minimum even when using older amps that are prone to noise.

Bright, easy-to-see LEDs deliver on-stage switching cues, so you exactly know what your amp status is at all times. The Twin-City is a powerful AB/Y switcher that delivers all of the natural tone, punch, and clarity without inducing noise of any kind.