Rode NT1-A Studio Rec Podcast Condenser Mic Pack w/Isolation Shield & XLR Cable


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The Rode NT1-A Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package with AxcessAbles SF-101KIT Isolation Shield bundle comes with:

The Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Solution is a microphone package that includes a professional-quality NT1-A microphone and several useful recording accessories such as a pop filer, shock mount and an official RODE Microphone cable

AxcessAbles XLR-XLR20 is a 20ft low-noise shielded cables with professional grade XLR male/female connectors. The exterior of this balanced audio cable has a soft PVC jacket and is hand-soldered with care to the XLR connectors. They are designed for recording and mixing use with equipment such as microphones, mixers, and studio monitors which require connections with 3 pin XLR cables.

AxcessAbles SF-101 Recording Studio Microphone Isolation Shield Redirects the Internal Sound Energy Away from the Microphone for the best quality recording. The SF-101 gets maximum sound isolation by blocking reflected sounds from the recording environment to the microphone. Easily mounts to the AxcessAbles AXC-TRIPOD - a specifically built tripod stand to fit the SF-101 shield for comfort and precise fitting.

Bullet Points

  1. Rode NT1-A Studio Package Cardioid Condenser Microphone – Industry standard microphone at an affordable price. Users range from home recording, professional studios, podcasts and more!
  2. The Rode NT1-A features well-built shells and capsules along with high quality metals for clear and resourceful recordings leaving your end product sounding professional and ahead of the game!
  3. AxcessAbles SF-101 KIT is the INDUSTRY STANDARD isolations shield. A professional sound booth that won’t break the budget while supplying professional sound for users.
  4. Set it up in your home studio, professional studio, kitchen or even the bathroom for the awesome reverb! All AxcessAbles items come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  1. No assembly required for the heavy-duty tall studio microphone isolation shield stand. Our tripod stand is super sturdy and is cast in one piece with adjustable heights of 4ft to 6ft6". With adjustable heights, it is perfect for a child as well as a very tall person. Some stands on Amazon, have pieces that are wobbly because the stands are packed in multiple pieces and are less than 4ft tall.