Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Mic w/ PSM1 Shock Mount, AxcessAbles Desk Stand and Stereo Headphones


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Get your Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone bundle comes with:

Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone

The Rode Podcaster is a broadcast microphone with a USB output for direct integration with computers.

Rode PSM1 Shock Mount for Rode Podcaster

The Rode PSM1 Shockmount is designed for the Rode Podcaster Microphone. The shockmount provides adequate protection against noise caused by movement, vibration, noise, etc.

AxcessAbles SH-49 Stereo Headphones
AxcessAbles SH-49 is a High output with neodymium magnet Stereo Headphones.
AxcessAbles CM-216 Round Base Adjustable Microphone Desk Stand with Mic Clip
An upgrade to the standard desk mic stand, this model includes an adjustable-height shaft and locking clutch.