Rode Procaster Dynamic Microphone with XLR Connection


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The RODE Procaster microphone is designed specifically for demanding recording and broadcast applications that require wide frequency response and minimal distortion. It's the professional analog version of the RODE Podcaster and features an XLR connector.

Key Features of the RODE Procaster Microphone:

  1. Quality Mic Based on Broadcaster Design:

    • The Procaster is built on the success of the Broadcaster microphone, which received the Radio World/US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) "What's Cool" award.
    • The Broadcaster has established itself as an industry standard for achieving studio sound quality in on-air applications.
  2. Tailored-for-Voice Frequency Response with Highpass Filter:

    • The Procaster boasts a tailored-for-voice frequency response, ensuring clear and accurate reproduction of vocals.
    • It also includes a switchable highpass filter, allowing you to remove unwanted low-frequency noise and focus on capturing the essential sound.

Overall, the RODE Procaster microphone combines the proven design elements of the Broadcaster with enhanced features tailored for voice recording. Its high-quality construction, precise frequency response, and filtering options make it a reliable choice for professional recording and broadcast needs.