Yamaha AG06MK2 6-Channel Live Streaming Loopback Audio USB Mixer White


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Two heads are better than one. The AG06MK2 offers the same user-friendly configuration and operation that has become synonymous with the AG series, but also comes equipped with two phantom-powered mic inputs for condenser microphones. 

  • 6-channel live streaming mixer: The AG06MK2 features a 6-channel design, optimized for live streaming applications, making it ideal for content creators, musicians, and broadcasters.
  • Dual condenser microphone support: You can use two condenser microphones simultaneously, providing versatility for various recording setups and scenarios.
  • Hi-Z input for guitars: The mixer includes a dedicated Hi-Z input on CH2, allowing you to connect guitars directly for high-quality recording and streaming of live performances.
  • High-resolution audio recording: With 24-bit, 192 kHz resolution, the AG06MK2 ensures superior audio quality for 2-track audio recording and playback, delivering professional-grade sound.
  • Flexible connectivity and LOOPBACK function: The mixer offers a 4-pole mini input/output (TRRS) to support a wide range of streaming applications. It also features a LOOPBACK function, making it ideal for live streaming or recording with multiple audio sources simultaneously.