Yamaha THR5A ACOUSTIC 10-watt Stereo Amplifier w/ Cubase AI6 & Gig Bag


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Get your Yamaha THR5A Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amp working right out the box, this exceptionally priced eStudioStar expert bundle comes with:
*Yamaha THR5A Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amp
*Yamaha THR Amplifier Bag

Yamaha THR5A Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amp
The THR5A from Yamaha is a desktop modeling guitar amp that simulates four different microphone types and is specifically designed for use with electric-acoustic and silent guitars. In contrast to normal stage amplifiers, the THR5A is intended for off-stage uses such as recording and practicing. Equipped with a USB port, the amp is capable of being used in conjunction with your computer for advanced editing of guitar sounds, recording and playback using the included software package.

Yamaha THR Amplifier Bag
The THR Amplifier Bag from Yamaha provides a padded gig bag for your THR series amplifier. The bag offers a safe way for you to store and transport your amp for gigs or practice.