Yamaha THR5A Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amp


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The THR5A from Yamaha is a desktop modeling guitar amp that simulates four different microphone types and is specifically designed for use with electric-acoustic and silent guitars. In contrast to normal stage amplifiers, the THR5A is intended for off-stage uses such as recording and practicing. Equipped with a USB port, the amp is capable of being used in conjunction with your computer for advanced editing of guitar sounds, recording and playback using the included software package.

  • The THR5A has versatile input options including a 1/4-inch guitar input and 1/8-inch aux input for connecting an MP3 player for jamming along to backing tracks.
  • The two full-range 3-inch speakers accurately reproduce stereo playback from the aux input and the sound of the guitar without needing additional speakers or amplification.
  • The THR5A offers four built-in microphone simulations, including condenser, dynamic, tube, and nylon presets, as well as a clean electric guitar amp model for a variety of tonal options.
  • The THR5A features a selection of effects that utilize Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology, including compression, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, phaser, reverb, and noise gate.
  • The THR5A can be connected to a computer via USB for advanced functions such as in-depth editing with the downloadable THR Editor, and recording and editing using the included Cubase AI music production software.