AxcessAbles 1/8 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TS Instrument Cable 10ft | 3.5mm Minijack Male to 6.35mm Male Jack Stereo Audio Cord | 10ft TRS to TS Patch Cable


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 AxcessAbles TRSM18-TSM14-10 ⅛” (3.5mm) TRS Minijack Male to ¼” (6.35mm) TS Male Mono Audio Interconnect Cable for Phone, Laptop, Tablet Patch to pro Audio (10ft)

  • Super Compatibility! AxcessAbles mono to stereo cable is designed to split a mono signal from a 1/4" output into both channels (left and right channel) of a 3.5mm input, it could be used to connect a mixing console, guitar amp, bass, mono radio to a portable media player, cell phone, laptop, recording device, or similar device.
  • Function Design: This is only used as a mono (output) to stereo (input) connector. If used as a stereo (output) to mono (input), this could burnout the stereo output stage of the device. The 3.5mm plug is a standard 3 pole (2 rings and a tip) connector, this won't work on an iPhone or Android phone which has 4 Pole TRRS port. You may need a TRS to TRRS adapter.
  • Excellent Sound: 20 AWG 4N Oxygen Free Copper with shielding, Foil shielding, and metal braid shield eliminate interference, deliver pristine sound, noise shielding, no hum, no noise, crystal clear music. High quality noise-free performance.
  • Professional Quality: Nickle-Plated Connectors for resist corrosion and offer a clear, smooth-flowing optimal signal, ensures minimum signal loss transfer.
  • Incredible Durability: Heavy Duty Flexible PVC Jacket Protect Your Cable, the outer diameter of the cable is 6.0mm (0.24 inch), high durability. The thick copper braid is highly elastic cotton yarn wrap reduces noise made by environment-friendly material, Polyethylene insulation improves high frequency response, strong, flexible, and durable.