Portable Short Microphone Stand with Boom Arm | Low Profile Mic Tripod Stand for Kick Drums, Guitar Amps, and More (MS-101L) 2-Pack


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The AxcessAbles MS-101L Low Profile Microphone Stand with Boom is an excellent choice for specific mic placement needs, offering convenience and reliability. Here are its key features:

  1. Low Profile Design: This short mic stand is specifically designed for applications such as bass drum mic placement, amp micing, or any specialty use where a low profile is desired. It provides stability and keeps the microphone close to the sound source.

  2. Adjustable Boom Arm: The stand comes with a 9.5" telescoping boom arm that allows for precise positioning of the microphone, ensuring optimal sound capture from various angles.

  3. Standard Mic Mounting: With reliable 5/8" metal threads, the stand is compatible with standard mic clips, making it easy to mount and secure your microphone in place.

  4. Collapsible Tripod Base: The tripod base of the stand is collapsible, allowing for compact storage and easy transport. This feature is particularly useful for musicians, DJs, and audio professionals who need to move their equipment frequently.

  5. Versatile Use: The MS-101L is suitable for a wide range of applications beyond its specialty uses, making it a versatile addition to any studio, stage, or recording setup.

Overall, the AxcessAbles MS-101L Low Profile Microphone Stand with Boom offers durability, flexibility, and convenience, making it an ideal choice for musicians and audio engineers looking for a reliable mic stand for specific mic placement needs.