AxcessAbles 1/4-Inch TS Male to 1/4-Inch TS Male, Straight to Right Angle Multi-Colored Guitar Cable Pack w/ Metal Connectors (2ft, 6 Pack)


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1/4-inch (6.35mm) TS Male Straight to 1/4-inch (6.35mm) TS Male Right Angle Unbalanced Mono Multicolored Instrument Cables

The TS (Tip-Sleeve) 1/4-inch (6.35mm) mono unbalanced instrument cable is a versatile audio cable used in various applications. Here are the common usages for this type of cable:

  1. Connecting Musical Instruments: Guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and other electronic musical instruments typically have a 1/4-inch output jack. These cables are used to connect the instrument to an amplifier, audio interface, or mixer. Synthesizers, both analog and digital, often use 1/4-inch connections for their audio outputs, allowing them to be integrated into a larger audio setup.
  2. Patching in Audio Equipment: In professional audio setups, such as recording studios or live sound systems, 1/4-inch patch cables are used to interconnect various pieces of equipment, like mixing consoles, effect units, and signal processors. These patch cables enable you to route audio signals from synthesizers and other instruments to different parts of the audio chain, providing flexibility in your signal flow.
  3. Connecting Headphones and Monitors: Many headphones and studio monitors (speakers) designed for professional audio use 1/4-inch connectors for the audio input. Synthesizers often have 1/4-inch headphone outputs, allowing users to privately monitor their instrument while in the studio or on stage.
  4. Audio Interfaces: Audio interfaces, which are devices used to connect musical instruments and microphones to a computer, often feature 1/4-inch input and output jacks. These cables are used to connect synthesizers, as well as other instruments, to the audio interface for recording or processing within a digital audio workstation (DAW).
  5. Live Sound and Stage Setups: In live music performances, 1/4-inch cables are used to connect various stage equipment, such as amplifiers, effects pedals, and direct boxes, to the main sound system. Synthesizers, whether used as the primary instrument or as part of a larger setup, often rely on 1/4-inch connections to integrate with the live sound system.

The versatility of 1/4-inch cables make them an essential component in a wide range of audio applications, including the integration of synthesizers into both studio and live sound environments.