10-32 (5mm) Rackmount Screws - 20 Sets with Washers | 19-Inch Equipment Screws for Mounting Hardware | Ideal for Recording Studio and Shelf Racks


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AxcessAbles 10-32 Rackmount Screws - 20 Sets of Rack Rail Screws and Washers - 19-inch Equipment Screws | 10/32 Rack Screws for Mounting Hardware | Screw Sets for Recording Studios and Shelf Racks.

Key Features:

  • Universal Design: Each package includes 20 sets of (10-32) 5mm screws and washers, providing compatibility with a wide range of rackmount equipment and 19-inch audio gear rack cabinets requiring 10-32 (5MM) screws.

  • Black Oxide Shine Finish: The screws feature a black oxide shine finish, adding a professional look while ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. These screws are included in AxcessAbles 8U, 12U, 16U, and 22U racks.

  • Economical Bulk Packaging: With 20 sets per package, you can mount up to 5 sets of rackmount equipment by using 2 screws per side. This bulk packaging offers convenience and cost-effectiveness.

  • Strong and Reliable: Made from alloy steel, these screws are sturdy and reliable, providing secure mounting for your equipment. For optimal use, it's recommended to use a power drill for guiding and leverage during installation.

  • Nylon Washers Included: Each set of screws comes with nylon washers, adding an extra layer of protection and ensuring a snug fit without causing damage to your equipment.

  • Specifications: The screws are 1/2 inch long, suitable for standard rackmount installations.

Overall, the AxcessAbles 10-32 Rackmount Screws are a practical and reliable solution for mounting hardware in recording studios, shelf racks, and other audio gear setups. Their universal compatibility, durable construction, and included washers make them a must-have accessory for equipment installation and organization.