AxcessAbles 6 Inch Dual Layer Nylon Studio Microphone Pop Filter Pop Blocker with 14 Inch Gooseneck and Clamp. (2-Pack)


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Filtering out pop and sibilance when recording vocals, the E6 Inch Dual Layer Studio Microphone Pop Filter for Isolation Shield filters your voice for better vocals before it reaches the microphone.

  • PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS MICROPHONE - AxcessAbles Pop filter separates your microphone from unwanted moistures and sound pressures preventing damage from wear. Sonically transparent, double-layered large 6-inch diameter nylon mesh center.
  • LARGE 6 INCH SURFACE WITH DUAL LAYERS OF MESH - Dual-layer mesh screen breaks up blasts of air without altering sound quality
  • 14 INCH LONG ADHJUSTABLE GOOSE NECK - adjustable steel gooseneck allows for precise positioning.
  • Attaches to any mic stand with up to 1.25-inch diameter upper tubing.
  • Compatible with most microphone stands, isolation shields and Cardioid Condenser Microphones