AxcessAbles Mini 2-inch Clip-on Ukulele Tuners | Chromatic Guitar Tuners | Clip-on Instrument Tuners for Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Violin, Ukulele (AT-01A) 2-Pack


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Two colors of backlight - Green for 'In-tune' and White for 'Out-of-tune'.Designed to rotate a full 360 degrees for full versatility and range of view. Auto Power Off function - the device will turn off automatically if there is no signal present or operation for 3 minutes. Tuner is bright with plenty of battery life. Battery is a common battery and found on Amazon too! Use it for tuning guitars, basses, violins, violas and ukuleles. Most Overlooked feature is very easy to troubleshoot, C for Chromatic | G for Guitar | B for Bass | V for Violin | U for Ukulele [yes it works for violin and ukulele!!].Designed for beginners and professionals. Battery Included!