AxcessAbles DOUBLE SHOT Guitar Pedal Bundle - Delay/Echo/Repeat/Slap-Back - Includes Power Supply and Cable


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Your AxcessAbles DS2X Double Shot Delay Guitar Pedal bundle comes with:

AxcessAbles DS2X Double Shot Delay Guitar Pedal

The AxcessAbles Double Shot Digital Delay pedal proves you do not need to spend your entire paycheck on a good delay pedal. It has all the built-in features any good delay pedal can offer. Don't be fooled by this little tiny terror, small package but big value! Easily place on your pedal board or in through your effects loop to achieve the sound you are looking for.

Download Double Shot Manual PDF

AxcessAbles Power Supply ( Guitar Bundle)

AxcessAbles Power Supply is a power supply guitar bundle for AxcessAbles Products.

AxcessAbles I-010 Straight to Straight Guitar Instrument Cable

AxcessAbles I-010 Guitar Instrument Cables - 10 Feet