AxcessAbles Dynamic Wired Handheld Microphone with 10ft Mic Cable, On/Off Switch, and a Carry Pouch | Dynamic Singing Microphone | DJ Mic| Mic for Singers |AxcessAbles MC-20 (4-Pack)


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The MC-20 Dynamic Microphone is designed with a presence boost to enhance output and clarity for lead vocals.

  • Package includes- 4 x MC-20 microphones, 10ft microphone cables, flexible mic clips, and carry pouches. Great for people who value discounts, buying for school, classrooms, community music rooms, school bands, choirs, and group performances.
  • Professional-grade weighted handheld microphone -mic with an all-steel body casing with a smooth matte finish and a stainless steel grille mesh to protect the head it can withstand heavy-duty use and corrosion resistant.
  • Dynamic Cardioid Microphone - Cardioid polar pattern and a Frequency response of 50Hz-15000Hz picks up audio from the front up to the rear source while rejecting unwanted noise from the background and behind. This is an ideal microphone for live and stage performances.
  • Effortless operation- its Noise-free On/Off switch, so you can just simply slide it up or down and it provides silent control that prevents any unwanted clicking noise while performing/recording.
  • Easily Connect & Disconnect- MC-20 Microphone comes with an AxcessAbles 10ft XLR-to-¼ TS microphone cable, you just simply press down the release tab.

Download MC-20 Manual PDF