AxcessAbles Musical Instrument Pedalboard for Effect Pedals and Power Supply Units (AXCPEDALBOARD-S)


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AxcessAbles Guitar Pedal Board S, Double Space Aluminum Alloy 15 inches x 6 inches Pedalboard with Carry Bag for Guitar

  • Durable Construction: The aluminum construction of this pedalboard makes it incredibly durable and able to withstand the rigors of gigging and touring. It's built to last and provide a sturdy platform for all of your pedals. Pedalboard weighs in at 1.37lbs.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Despite its sturdy construction, this pedalboard is also lightweight and easy to transport. It's a great option for musicians who need to move their gear around frequently.
  • Two rolls of Hook-and-loop fasteners included for pedal attachment. Includes a durable nylon carry bag with zippered pouch, as well as handles for transportation, protection and storage. Non-slip rubberized feet on the bottom help reduce movement on the floor or stage.
  • Professional Appearance: A clean and organized pedalboard can help give you a more professional appearance on stage. With this pedalboard, you can keep your pedals neatly arranged and easily accessible, making your setup look as good as it sounds.