AxcessAbles Large Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 6.5, 7, and 8-inch Speakers| Sound Isolation Pads for Side-Way Speakers | 3-Slice Pads | Multi-angle Speaker Riser | Acoustic Isolation Speaker Foam - Open Box


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 AxcessAbles SMP02P is designed with multiple configurations allowing you to move the monitor isolation pads into a versatile array of angles for the best sound quality.

  • 9x12x2 inches (W x D x H) . Each stack comes with 3 slices for multi-angle riser setups. Speaker sound pads are made out of the highest quality acoustic isolation foam (50kg/m^3 density). 40lb capacity without changing shape. Made of high-density foam, these pads absorb vibrations and reduce unwanted resonance, resulting in a cleaner, more accurate sound.
  • The pads have a universal fit, making them compatible with most 8-inch studio monitors on the market. Also suitable for 6 and 7 inch Studio Monitors. Can be combined for speakers 10 inches and larger such as subwoofers or dual-cone sideway speakers.
  • In addition to reducing vibrations and resonance, these isolation pads can also help to improve the overall soundstage and imaging of your speakers. They are suitable for use in any recording or home studio, as well as in other settings where accurate sound reproduction is important, such as video editing, gaming, or music production.
  • Large pad sizes are designed to fit the most popular speakers including Yamaha HS5,HS7, HS8; JBL 305PMKII LSR305, 306MKII, 308MKII; KRK Rokit KRK RP4G3 RP5; Mackie MR5, M-Audio BX5; Adam F6.
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