AxcessAbles LUCID FANTASY Modulation Ensemble Guitar Pedal - Vibrato / Tremolo / Uni-Vibe / Wave-Chorus all-in-one - Open Box


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A Compact Multi - Effect Pedal That Will Open The Door To Endless Creativity

The AxcessAbles Lucid Fantasy Modulation Ensemble is the most unique pedal we offer. This is like the Swiss Army knife for modulation pedals! With 11 modulation effects in one unit, the Lucid Fantasy offers almost everything- two different Chorus effects, three different Flange effects, two different Vibrato effects, a Flange effect, two different Tremolo effects, and the Auto Filter effect, and within each of these 11 master effects you have virtually unlimited adjustments for each one using the Level, Speed and Depth knobs. If you are looking for a new unique sound, you will probably find it in the Lucid Fantasy! Just like all AxcessAbles instrument pedals, the Lucid Fantasy comes with a 9V Battery Snap Connector for guitar pedal power!


  • β˜… The AxcessAbles Lucid Fantasy Modulation Ensemble is the most unique pedal AxcessAbles offers. This is not your grandma's modulation pedal, this is from another planet!
  • β˜… Offering 11 different modulation effects in one unit including; Wave Chorus, Vibrato, Uni-Vibe, Tremolo and other unique and odd effects in this exclusive effects pedal.
  • β˜… True bypass allows for transparent tone.
  • β˜… Level, Speed and Depth knobs.
  • β˜… The Stomp Bar helps prevent accidental changes to your settings.
  • β˜… Super bright LED indicator shows the working state.
  • β˜… Aluminum alloy casing is strong and durable.
  • β˜… Velcro included for pedalboard attachment.
  • β˜… AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty.


  • Power Supply: 9V DC - No battery access
  • Input & Output Jack: ¼” mono audio jack
  • Working Current: 68ma
  • Dimensions: 94 mm x 42 mm x 48 mm
  • Net Weight: 135g

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Download Lucid Fantasy Manual PDF