AxcessAbles Large Heavy Duty Desk Mounted Microphone Boom Stand with 3.3ft Extension and 6ft XLR Cable | 5LB Capacity | Podcast Boom for Large Condenser Mic | Desktop Boom Mic Stand


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The AxcessAbles AXCMBAL Desktop Mount Microphone Boom Arm is a game changer for desk mount microphone boom arms! This unit takes durability and utility for desktop-type microphone boom arms to a new level, as we introduce a heavier duty fabrication and noticeably longer extension ability than a regular desktop style boom arm. This means that once you position the mic, it will be firmly held in position until you decide it’s time to move it. This is achieved with a heavier steel tube for the two arm sections, and a super strong spring that holds its’ position. The super strong spring will bear weight up to 4.6lbs, meaning your mic will be properly held in place while you work. In addition, the MBAL boom arm design extends to an incredible 40” and is locked into place with a threaded locking knob, meaning that you now have even greater versatility in terms of ways and situations to use the boom arm for your podcasting or recording needs. The forged metal tabletop clamp allows the boom arm to pivot a full 360 degrees and can be locked into place using the threaded locking knob. The attached adjustable microphone post is standard 5/8 inch threading which fits mic clips, shock mounts, and condenser mics for direct coupling.

  • Solid square steel tubing for maximum strength.
  • Over 3 feet of boom reach.
  • Pivoting desktop clamp allows for superb adjustment and positioning.
  • Uses three threaded locking knobs to secure your desired position.
  • 5/8 inch threaded mic post for direct mount of mic clip or shock mount.
  • Firmly holds any weight of microphone.
  • Compatible with popular mics such as Blue Yeti, Shure MV7, Rode NTUSB, Audio Technica AT202 and more.
  • Perfect for podcasting, interviews, live streaming, or professional or home recording studios.
  • Sleek black satin powder coat is durable yet looks great for podcast or YouTube interviews.
  • Package also includes a 20’ AxcessAbles XLR cable.
  • Package comes with boom arm, 6ft XLR cable, and 4 cable organizers
  • Fully extends to approximately 40" of boom arm reach. Foldable and mount to the end of tabletop
  • Range of motion up to 280º allows you to adjust mic position to exactly where you need it.
  • Heavy duty boom arm holds up to 2kg (4.6 lbs) load.
  • Super strong square steel tubing with sleek black satin coating. Comparable to PSA1, and Heil Boom Arm. Compatible with Blue Yeti, Snowball, AT2020, AT202USB+, AT2035, Rode NT1-A, NT1, AT4040, SM7B, Heil mics etc.
  • Ideal microphone mount for streaming, recording, podcasting, gaming

Download MBAL Manual PDF