AxcessAbles SF-2 Desktop Compact Recording Microphone Isolation Shield with Round Base Mic Stand, Mic Sound Absorbing Foam for Studio Recording, Podcast, Karaoke, Streaming - Open Box


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Axcessables SF-2 is a Compact Desktop Recording Microphone Isolation Shield.

  • SF-2 is a compact tabletop recording mic stand with built-in sound absorbing isolating foam panels. The body and the base are made of steel alloy
  • The built-in mic acoustic isolation shield creates a mini recording soundproof booth right at the convenience of your personal space
  • The microphone isolation booth is 12.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall
  • The 3lb round base microphone stand is height adjustable - 7.4 inches to 11.4 inches. The heavy base has a 8lb weight capacity. Perfect for mounting your treasured large-diaphragm condenser microphones
  • The compact size makes it a portable studio gear you cannot miss. Take it on the road with you as a mini podcast or vocal booth

Download SF-2 Manual PDF