Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal TUBE EXCITER w/ AxcessAbles Instrument Cable and Power Supply


Regular price $39.99

Experience the power and versatility of the AxcessAbles TUBE EXCITER Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal Bundle:

Included in this bundle:

  • AxcessAbles 2BXTR Tube Exciter Overdrive Guitar Pedal
  • AxcessAbles Power Supply 9V DC
  • AxcessAbles Straight to Straight Guitar Instrument Cable

The AxcessAbles Tube Exciter is your ticket to unparalleled drive and distortion effects for any amp or musical application. Embrace the raw grit and power reminiscent of iconic pedals like the BOSS OD-3 and the Ibanez TS9, pushing your amp's limits with intense drive tones.

Key Features:

  • Separate BOOST feature adds up to 10db of extra volume for a dynamic boost or tube-like overdrive
  • LED light for clear visibility on stage
  • Robust aluminum-alloy casing ensures durability
  • True Bypass preserves your signal integrity when the pedal is off
  • Convenient "Stomp Bar" for effortless control during performances

Don't break the bank for premium overdrive — the AxcessAbles TUBE EXCITER Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal Bundle delivers professional-grade performance without compromise. Elevate your sound, unleash your creativity, and take your guitar playing to new heights.