RK 22U Rack-Mount Cabinet Case with Caster Wheels | Compatible with US 10-32 (5mm) & European (6mm) Rack Standards | Ideal for AV, DJ, Home Theater, Network, Server, Computer, Electronics (RK22U) - Open Box


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The AxcessAbles RK22U 19-inch Universal Equipment Rolling Cabinet Rack is engineered to provide a durable and well-organized solution for managing multiple A/V components across different settings. Here's a breakdown of its key features and advantages:

  • Solid Metal Build: Crafted from robust metal, this cabinet ensures durability and reliable performance, capable of handling heavy equipment with ease.

  • Rolling Capability: Fitted with 3-inch caster wheels, the rolling cabinet rack allows effortless movement and portability, making it ideal for mobile setups or reconfiguring A/V arrangements.

  • Universal Size Compatibility: Designed with universal size specifications, it accommodates a wide range of IT and audio-visual components, offering versatility to accommodate various equipment types and sizes.

  • 400lbs Weight Capacity: Despite its portable design, the cabinet can support up to 400lbs of gear securely, making it suitable for housing multiple single-space components.

  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for diverse environments like clubs, bars, restaurants, places of worship, server rooms, band setups, audio technicians' needs, and networking A/V applications.

  • Perforated Side Panels: The cabinet features perforated side panels that promote ventilation for installed components, preventing overheating and ensuring proper airflow.

  • Open-Back Design: Its open-back design facilitates easy access for cabling and patching of installed components, enabling efficient cable management and organization.

  • Rack Screw Adaptability: This rack can be assembled to fit North American 10-32 (5mm) or European (6mm) thread sizes, enhancing its versatility (assembly instructions provided).

  • Durable Finish: Finished with a textured-matte black coating, the cabinet not only looks professional but also offers protection against scratches and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Overall, the AxcessAbles R22U Rolling Cabinet Rack provides a robust and adaptable solution for organizing and managing A/V equipment across various settings. Its sturdy construction, portability, universal compatibility, and thoughtful design make it a valuable asset for equipment managers, A/V studios, business owners, and audio technicians alike.

Download RK Manual PDF