Professional Heavy-Duty Studio Overhead Boom Stand with Wheels | Telescoping Arm | Folding Tripod Legs | Mic Boom Stand | Shotgun Video Mic Stand (MB-W) - Open Box


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The MB-W Professional Studio Microphone Boom with Locking Wheels offers exceptional versatility and functionality for various audio recording environments. Here are the key features and benefits of this boom stand:

  1. Adjustable Height and Boom Arm: The boom stand features an adjustable height range from 4 feet 5 inches to 8 feet 2 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as studio condenser microphones, video shotgun microphones, or overhead drum microphones. The extending boom arm provides additional flexibility in positioning your microphone precisely where you need it.

  2. 360-Degree Wheel Joint: The boom pole is equipped with a 180-degree wheel joint that allows smooth rotation of the boom pole in both vertical and horizontal directions. You can easily adjust the angle of the microphone and lock it securely in place using the tightening handle, ensuring stable and precise microphone placement.

  3. Tall Tripod Stand: The tripod stand offers a tall height range from 4 feet 2 inches (50 inches) to 6 feet 10 inches (82 inches), providing a stable and secure base for your valuable microphones. The full metal construction of the stand, including 1.5 inches and 1-inch metal tubes, enhances stability and durability, making it suitable for professional use in studios, live sound setups, churches, and production houses.

  4. Moveable Counterweight: The boom arm comes with a 2.5 lb moveable counterweight, which helps balance the weight of heavier microphones or accessories attached to the boom arm. This feature ensures that the boom arm remains stable and prevents it from tipping over due to imbalanced loads.

Overall, the MB-W Professional Studio Microphone Boom with Locking Wheels is an essential piece of gear for any audio recording or production environment where precise microphone positioning, stability, and durability are paramount. Its adjustable height, versatile boom arm, sturdy construction, and moveable counterweight make it a must-have tool for achieving professional audio recordings and productions.

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