Yamaha YCM01 Condenser Microphone White


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Condenser microphones have become a staple of most studio and broadcasting environments around the world for good reason: their ability to capture the most subtle nuances of vocal and instrument performances.

  • Experience professional-grade audio with the Yamaha YCM01, a studio-quality condenser microphone featuring a cardioid polar pattern for precise front sensitivity and minimized ambient noise from the rear and sides.
  • Unleash your creativity in various settings - from live streaming, gaming voice chat, and remote meetings to music production - the YCM01 excels in any application.
  • Elevate your setup with the iconic and stylish design of the YCM01, available in both black and white versions, allowing you to match your streaming or recording environment for a touch of sophistication.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of mounting options - tabletop stand, standard microphone stand, or desk arm - tailoring your setup to suit your preferences and needs seamlessly.
  • With its XLR connection, the YCM01 ensures high-quality audio output, capturing every nuance of your voice or instrument with exceptional clarity and fidelity.